Linking an external database

This document explains how to link an external database to your PlanetScaleDB account.


  • Before you can link an external database, you must first create a cluster.
  • Your external database must use MySQL version 5.6 or above.
  • Your external database must allow a PlanetScaleDB IP address to connect to the database. If your external database refuses connections from external IP addresses by default, you must have permission to whitelist an IP.

You must have the following details for your external database:

  • Host domain or IP address
  • Port number
  • Valid user credentials


Linking an external database to your PlanetScaleDB account allows you to test how PlanetScaleDB will behave with your database. PlanetScaleDB will create a database in your cluster, called a database link, that sends its queries to your external database. This allows you to test the compatibility of your database with PlanetScaleDB.

To link an external database, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Open the Overview page for a cluster.

When you create a new cluster, this page opens automatically. Otherwise, log in to the PlanetScale console.

Clusters view

Step 2: Select a cluster.

Click on the name of the cluster where PlanetScaleDB will create your database link. This will open the overview for the cluster.

Step 3: Click Link Database.

Under Create your first link, click the Link Database button.

This opens the Link External Database pane.

Step 4: Enter your external database details.

In the Link External Database pane, enter the details for your external database.

Step 5: (Optional) Click Test Connection.

PlanetScaleDB will attempt to connect to your external database from the default cloud provider and region for your cluster. If the connection fails, follow Step 7 below.

Step 6: Select regions.

Select a region from the Region Deployment card. You can choose from the regions and cloud providers that this cluster supports. This is the region where the PlanetScaleDB components for your linked database reside.

Step 7: (Optional) Add the IP addresses for your region to the IP access list for your external database.

This step is only necessary if your external database does not accept connections from external IP addressesby default.

A list of IP addresses appears at the bottom of the Region Deployment section. Add these IP addresses to the IP access list for your external database.

Step 8: Name your database link.

Under Link Name, provide a name for this database link.

Step 9: Click the Link button.

PlanetScaleDB connects to your external database. Your linked database will appear under Links in the Clusters overview.

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