This document explains the basic ideas behind backups in the PlanetScaleDB context.

Backups are inactive copies of your data

In the context of your PlanetScaleDB, a backup is a copy of data in your database.

Unlike a database instance or an analytics instance, a backup does not serve data in response to queries.

Backups are frequent and temporary

PlanetScale backs up your database automatically every 12 hours.

PlanetScale keeps each backup for 72 hours.

For custom backup requests, please contact

Each shard has its own backup

If your database uses sharding, each backup contains data from a single shard. All shards are backed up at 12-hour intervals, but the point in time at which each shard backup occurs may vary across shards in a database.

If your database is not sharded, each backup contains all of the data from your database.

PlanetScale validates your backups

When your backup status is Validated, it means that an automated test job has successfully performed a test restore of your data from this backup.

You can access your backups from the console

You can view your backups and use them to restore your database from the PlanetScale console at any time.