Creating a cluster

Before you can create a database, you must first create a cluster. This document explains how to create a cluster using the PlanetScale console.


To create a cluster, you will complete the following steps:

  1. Create a Cluster.
  2. Click Create Cluster.
  3. Name your cluster.
  4. Choose a cloud provider and region.
  5. Click Create Cluster.

Step 1: Open the clusters view.

When you create a account, you are prompted to create a cluster. You can also access this view by going to

Create your first cluster screen

Step 2: Click Create Cluster.

Step 3: Name your cluster.

After clicking Create Cluster, you are prompted to name your cluster.

Create new cluster screen

The name of your cluster is prepended with your account name, and must be unique.

Step 4: Choose a cloud provider and region.

In the Regions dropdown menu, select the cloud provider and region where your cluster will be located.

Step 5: Click Create Cluster.

When you have selected a name and region for your cluster, click Create Cluster.

What's next

Now that you have a cluster, you can create a database.