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PlanetScale pricing was designed for transparency and scalability.


PlanetScale offers a free Developer plan with a generous 10GB of storage. At $29 per month, our paid Scaler plan comes with 25GB storage, 500m row reads, and 50m row writes, with the option to pay for additional usage and storage as you go. This scalable, pay-as-you-grow model means you'll never have to over-provision resources.

PlanetScale charges on three factors

  • Reads: Retrieving or inspecting rows during a query or mutation of any kind to your PlanetScale databases.
  • Writes: Adding new information or changing existing information in your PlanetScale databases.
  • Storage: Data saved in the form of tables, columns, rows, and their corresponding relationships.

PlanetScale plans

PlanetScale applies billing plans at the database level. You can create several databases under one account/organization. The usage charges will be scoped to each database, so each database will have its own separate billing page.

We offer three plans, summarized below:

Developer: FreeScaler: Pay as you growEnterprise: Custom
Storage/month10GB25GB + $1.25 per additional 1GBConfigurable
Row reads/month100m500m + $1.50 per additional 10mConfigurable
Row writes/month10m50m + $1.50 per additional 1mConfigurable
Branches3 per database10 per databaseUnlimited
Audit log retention5 days15 daysUnlimited
Automated BackupsOnce dailyEvery 12 hoursConfigurable
AutoscalingNot includeIncludedConfigurable
Monthly fee$0$29 per databaseContact us
You are limited to 1 free database per organization.

All plans are billed on a monthly basis.

For more information about our Enterprise plan, please contact our sales team. For an overview of each plan's complete offerings and FAQ, check out the pricing page.

Plans are priced per database. The total charge for a PlanetScale database includes the charge for usage on database branches. In other words, the total reads, writes, and storage used by each branch of your database will determine the final monthly price.

Plan add-ons

To make sure our plans work for your unique use case, we also offer options to customize your Scaler plan.

Branch packs

The Scaler plan comes with 10 branches per database. You can add additional branches to your Scaler plan in packs of 5 for an extra $25/mo per pack.

To add a branch pack to a database:

  1. Go to your billing page for that database
  2. Select the number of branch packs you'd like to add
  3. Click "Save".

Billing page branch pack add-onsBilling page branch pack add-ons

User scheduled backups

We run automatic daily backups for every branch for free. On the Scaler plan, we run automated backups every 12 hours.

You can also schedule additional backups yourself as needed. For these additional user-scheduled backups, we charge $0.023 per GB per month.

Database billing page

Each database has its own billing page, from which you can:

  • Enter/update your credit card information
  • See a history of your invoices, as well as the current invoice
  • Customize your add-ons

To find your billing page:

  1. Go to your PlanetScale dashboard
  2. Select the database whose billing page you want to view
  3. Click on "Settings" in the top nav
  4. Click on "Usage and billing" in the side nav

PlanetScale invoice details

Invoices provide line items for both usage and discounts received. Each line item shows both metric and database branch level granularity.

For example, you may have the following line items:

  • Rows read for main branch
  • Rows read for your-test-branch

In addition, storage per branch has two line items:

  • Storage usage per GB
  • Prorated discounts, if the branch existed for a smaller time period than the billing period

Storage is prorated by a percentage equal to the existence of a branch's hours/billing period in hours.

Download an invoice

You have the option to download invoices as a PDF or CSV file.

To download an invoice, go to your billing page (Organization > Database > Settings > Usage) and scroll down to the Invoices section.

Click on the arrow on the right next to the invoice you want to download. It will expand and you'll see the option to download at the bottom.

Expand each invoice to download themExpand each invoice to download them Option to download as PDF or CSVOption to download as PDF or CSV

PlanetScale generates both current and past invoices. Even for the free plan! You can see the cost had you not been on the Developer plan.

Usage and usage limits

Each PlanetScale plan provides different feature and usage limits. If you accidentally surpass your plan's limits, you'll receive a warning notification and your database will be marked as in overage. If you do not upgrade your plan within 7 days of receiving the notification, PlanetScale will "degrade service" to your database by putting it into read-only mode. At this point, all writes are disabled and all migrations are halted.

When placed in read-only mode, the databases you have deployed in PlanetScale and any data they contain, are not impacted by this change. Writes are disabled, and all branch/database creation is temporarily halted.

Your PlanetScale service only gets throttled if your usage exceeds the limits designated within your plan.

Need help?

Get help from PlanetScale's support team, or join our GitHub Discussion board to see how others are using PlanetScale.

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Last updated on October 27, 2021
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